How were the groups appearing on the ballot nominated?
ArtPride New Jersey distributed an electronic notification form in October 2018 to organizations registered with the Jersey Arts Marketers (JAM) network requesting that these eligible arts groups submit the programs they would like considered for inclusion in this year's nominations process. That information, combined with existing ArtPride data, was used to create a nominations ballot.

Representatives from these nearly 300 arts organizations were then provided the opportunity to nominate their peers between November 26 and December 14, 2018 via that electronic nominations ballot. These members of the field were prohibited from nominating their own organization in any category. Each person was also restricted to submitting one nominations ballot; however, multiple people from within an organization were permitted to submit ballots.

Groups that received the most support from their peers appear on the public ballot, along with a write-in option. The number of nominations an organization received in order to appear on the public ballot varied from category to category based on response rate.

Eligibility requirements:
Organizations must have be registered and been in good standing with the Jersey Arts Marketers (JAM) network at the time of the ballot’s release to have a representative(s) either cast a Nominations Ballot or receive a nomination. Groups must also have been active in 2018 within their category to receive a nomination. 
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